Pairing compatibility: Devices tested successfully

As you follow the instructions below, click each step to see an illustration.

  • 1. Touch Settings
  • 2. Touch Bluetooth
  • 3. Ensure Bluetooth is turned On
  • 4. Ensure the JABRA HALO SMART is turned Off
  • 5. Press and hold the Multifunction button
  • 6. Release the Multifunction button when the Bluetooth light flashes blue
  • 7. Touch the JABRA HALO SMART in the list of devices
  • 8. If requested, enter the passkey 0000 (4 zeros)
  • 9. The JABRA HALO SMART is now connected
  • 10. The JABRA HALO SMART and G7 ThinQ are now ready to be used

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